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Impart your wisdom in words   I change my intro with every passing season. Now I haven't the time to write as much so darkness is scarce. I find myself in the occasional rant in here, forgetting as usual what my previous great idea had been all too soon.

Let's say, I don't have the mental fortitude, or strictness others seem to display. In temperament and mind, I am the wind, changing direction with every second. Oh sure there's a basic theme, "What I like", but today that will be different than tomorrow. You'd think by now, I would have defined my tired soul in one direction. But no. I cannot, will not be held down to one theme. That is not who I want to be, though I envy the ability to be so sure of oneself. I will never define who I am, or what I'm capable of, or limit my desires. So in recommitting to the cause, I rededicate Myself to being Myself.
I am not perfect, but that makes me perfectly happy. Mediocre, and happy. Depressed and lonely a lot. Silly and childish, naive and playful. Easy to smile, and faster to anger. Tired of things that don't make sense. Ready to learn and ready to rest from it all. Loving the day, but even more so the night.

    20 Great Stories by David Sedaris →


    All his best stories from the New Yorker and beyond

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    The Litographs Tattoos Kickstarter campaign has taken a novel (GET IT?) approach to encouraging contributions: The first 2,500 backers will also reserve their place in the world’s longest (temporary) tattoo chain.

    Litographs has broken up Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland into 2,500 temporary tats. Once they hit their goal, they’ll send the ink out for backers to apply, photograph and upload to their website. “Our goal,” they say, “is to recreate this iconic novel by showcasing every single word on the skin of 2,500 Kickstarter backers.” Which, OK, sounds a little gross — but I’m intrigued!


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